Albaraka Türk tecrübesi ve kaliteli portföy yönetimi hizmeti ile karşınızdayız.

Why Albaraka PM?


About Us

Portfolio management company is a capital market corporation whose main activity is the establishment and management of funds and is established as a Capital Markets Institution. Portfolio management companies can also provide investment consulting services in addition to their main activity, fund establishment and management, with the authorization of the Board. In addition to this, the portfolio management companies which have the necessary capital requirement can provide advisory services related to capital markets by reporting to the Board, the companies can loan or lend and offer foreign exchange services. They can perform analysis related to capital market instruments and provide general recommendations.
Albaraka Turk Participation Bank Inc., the founder and owner of Albaraka Asset Management Inc., was founded in 1984 as the leading organization in Turkey's Islamic banking and since 1985, actively continues to serve the interest-free banking.

Albaraka Türk accumulated significant knowledge and specialized staff with its Profit-Loss Real Estate Investment Projects since 2007. Albaraka Türk aims to transfer its know-how, gained with its real estate projects, to Albaraka Portfolio Inc., for it to be the best in the world in real estate portfolio management.

Our Quality Policy

We plan to manage your investments, with our employees who convert personal and professional development into a lifestyle, by setting up funds to meet all your expectations from a real estate investment fund. We aim to increase the level of satisfaction of our investors by always following the technological and sectoral developments thus increasing our service quality to a higher level.

Vision and Mission


Vision To be a competitive asset management company in our region.


To provide mutual benefits for investors, employees and shareholders by establishing and managing funds in accordance with our corporate values and investment trust principles.

Our Partners

Finans Yatırım Menkul Değerler ; portfolio custody services.

Bizim Menkul Değerler A.Ş. (BMD) ; research and risk management systems

KPMG ; independent audit services.